Why choose The Gourmet Cupboard?

I think the biggest draw for me personally is that this company puts people over profits. There aren’t the “hidden” charges that other DS companies impose and they make us distributors feel valued. It goes a long way when you feel invested and appreciated!!

Cathy Robbins from Georgetown, TX

Great support team, easy to get in touch with home office for questions, and sweet caring staff Danielle Dewitt from Shamokin, PA

  • More bang for your buck. We are less expensive and our mixes make more!
  • Freshly made and made to order.
  • You can see exactly what our mixes look like with see through packaging.

Paula Brewer from Jasper, NY

Love the large variety of mixes & the low cost! Lynne Beaudry from Howell, MI

  • Hand-mixed at the time of each order -Family oriented
  • Large selection to choose from

Lynnea Dahlgren from International Falls, MN

I love the fact that we are a person .. I have been with TGC nearly 11 years, and I have never been asked for my distributor # .. That means so much to me.. It is easy to get into events with the products, and I love that we have the freedom to market the mixes however we want to with out any restrictions

Shirley Lee from Palestine, TX

We are not some number lost in the crowd. There is a personal touch to our company, from the very top on down.

Donna Roucoulet from Bristol, CT

The amazing owners and home office. I love the personal touch of being able to talk to or email the owner. Having a team has been a dream of mine. I’ve tried selling for several companies, failed at each and every one of those businesses, but TGC actually sells!

Chantill Roberts from Leesburg, VA