Nutrition Facts


Servings Per Container: 4


Amount Per Serving:

            Dry Mix

Calories:             81

Total Fat:          0 g

     Saturated Fat:          .1 g

Polyunsaturated Fat      .2 g

Monounsaturated Fat    .1 g

Cholesterol:       0 mg

Sodium:                     1542 mg

Potassium                    118 mg

Total Carbohydrate: 23 g

     Dietary Fiber:            1 g

     Sugars:       18 g

Protein:             2 g



Customer Comments:


My husband and I love the orange chipotle chicken!!!!

Amber Selby from McCamey, TX

I made the Orange Chipotle Chicken last night and it was fabulous! Served it up with some sweet peppers, black bean and corn... Definetely a family hit and will be making it again.

Adriann Christiansen from Richmond, TX


I LOVE it and so did my husband. I made the chicken and then use it on top of a salad. It was so good. No need for much, if any, dressing!

Elizabeth Mason from Bedford, IA


This mix is great! I buy the mixes to sell. If they do not sell, I use them. I kept on ordering 2 of these in hoping after a show, I would have one to try. They always sell out. Earlier this spring, I finally did not sell out and tried it! My it was great! My husband loved it and so do I. We were pleasantly surprised! Now I can tell everyone how good it is!

Linda Bruckelmeyer from Chesapeake, VA