Nutrition Facts


Serving Size: 1 slice

Servings Per Container: 8


Amount Per Serving:

Dry Mix

Calories: 58

Total Fat: 0 g

Saturated Fat: 2 g

Polyunsaturated Fat 0 g

Monounsaturated Fat 0 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 13 mg

Potassium <1 mg



15 g

Dietary Fiber: 0 g

Sugars: 15 g

Protein: <1 g


Customer Comments:


I made the Key Lime Pie for the first time this past weekend. I have never had it before, but it was fantastic!!! A new family favorite. My daughter loved it (and demanded it be made again, LOL), and the people at my dad's birthday party enjoyed it as well. I will definitely be getting more with my next order.

Donna Roucoulet from Bristol, CT 


OMG!! I made the Key Lime Pie tonight - DELICIOUS. I will be making this when I have my GC Party. Good, Good, Good. I used the Graham cracker crust. But I think when I make one to take on my job, I will put graham crackers on the side and have it as a dessert dip - it's good as a dessert dip.

Joann Bell, Virginia Beach, VA


My daughter wanted to order the Key Lime Pie. When we made it I was a little unsure since I had never tried it before. It is delicious! I loved it! A very refreshing treat.

Melanie Williams from McGregor, TX


Here is something funny from my first party yesterday. Hostess didn't tell me she disliked Key Lime pie. I sampled it. She told me AFTER she got seconds on it! Today, she texted asking for more because she couldn't stop thinking about it and how yummy it was!

Stephanie Scevers – a rep from Saginaw, TX


Representative’s comments at an arts and craft show:


Rep Name: Kryzde Leutenberg
City/State: Kettering, OH
Comments: The most popular mixes sold were Key Lime Pie and the Hashbrown Casserole.


Rep Name: Jenn Jeffers
City/State: Bismarck, ND
Customer Comments: DELICIOUS - like the price
Additional Comments: Completely sold out of Key Lime Pie.



Additional Recipes:


The following recipes can be found in our cookbook! 

These recipes were donated by customers and distributors all over the United States, and each of these recipes uses the Key Lime Pie. 


Citrus Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Citrus Trifle

Cranberry Lime Sweet Bread

Flavored Martini Dip

Frozen Margaritas

Hawaiian Cocktail Ball

Key Lime Cheesecake Ball

Key Lime Cheesecake Bites

Key Lime Smoothie

Margarita Popsicles

No Bake Triple Layer Cake

Summertime Key Lime Pie or Lemon Cookies

Tequila-Lime Cocktail Sauce

Tropical Dessert Pizza



Chocolate Cover Key Lime Bites  



1 pkg Key Lime Pie mix

2 (8 oz) pkgs cream cheese, softened

1 cup Oreo or chocolate cookie crumbs or plain graham cracker crumbs

1 16oz bag dark chocolate chips, melted over double boiler



In a large bowl, using a mixer, mix together Key Lime pie mix and cream cheese. Slowing fold in cookie crumbs. Refrigerate for 1 hour to reset up and harden. Remove,  and working quickly, using a cookie scoop, scoop out a small ball of the mixture and using a corn cob holder or toothpick, dip into melted chocolate. Place on a lined cookie sheet. Repeat until done. Refrigerate to harden and until ready to serve or box up as a gift.

Roberta Whalen from Wallingford, CT



Watermelon-Limeade Slushies!



4 cups cut up watermelon

1 cup ice

1/3 cup Key Lime Pie mix



Combine watermelon and ice in blender. Add in piemix, until slushy. You can also substitute ice with frozen watermelon.


Kids will love making and eating these!


By: Roberta Whalen from Wallingford, CT


Batch Available for This Mix?  YES!


Batches are large amounts of a mix that are priced at a discount. 


Why purchase a batch? 

·         if you frequently purchase and use a certain mix a lot

·         if you plan to use the same mix to sample at home shows or festivals

·         if you plan on using the mixes for any of the additional recipes using the mixes

You have to purchase a batch jar before purchasing a refill.  Refills contain the same amount of product but are priced at a discounted rate.  The jar actually contains the instructions, but the refill does not.


$12.00/refill $10.50

save $4.00 jar/refill $5.50

equal to 4 pies/packages