Nutrition Facts


Serving Size: 1 funnel cake

Servings Per Container: 6


Amount Per Serving:

Dry Mix

Calories: 77

Total Fat: <1 g

Saturated Fat: 0 g

Polyunsaturated Fat <1 g

Monounsaturated Fat 0 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 179 mg

Potassium 23 mg



16 g

Dietary Fiber: <1 g

Sugars: <1 g

Protein: 2 g


Customer Comments:

The Funnel cakes are awesome!!.
We just used a measuring cup to pour into the grease. They were a little thicker but really good  .In my opinion they taste just like at the amusement parks or fairs, if not better.

Penny Bowman from Quinton, VA


I just tried these last night. YUM-MY!

Denise Vajdak from Somerville, TX


This mix is tons of fun. We love making the funnel cakes for ice cream sundaes.

Donna Roucoulet from Bristol, CT


Did You Know?

Did you know that our Funnel Cake recipe is a recipe that Melissa and Judy have made for years?  Melissa remembers Judy making these for her and her friends as a child and even into her teen and college years!  Everyone loves a funnel cake no matter what age you are!


Watch Melissa and friends make Funnel Cakes!


Gift Ideas Using This Mix:


Grab a child size oven mitt, some cute cookie cutters for the play dough and cookies, a child size apron, and any of the following mixes:  Edible Peanut Butter Play Dough, Sugar Cookies, Funnel Cakes, Cookie Dough Dip, 5 Minute Microwavable Chocolate Fudge, and 5 Minute Microwavable Peanut Butter Fudge