Nutrition Facts


Serving Size: 3x3, prepared slice

Servings Per Container: 12


Amount Per Serving:

Dry Mix

Calories: 34

Total Fat: <1 g

Saturated Fat: 0 g

Polyunsaturated Fat <1 g

Monounsaturated Fat 0 g

Cholesterol: 4 mg

Sodium: 120 mg

Potassium 15 mg



7 g

Dietary Fiber: <1 g

Sugars: <1 g

Protein: 1 g


Customer Comments:

It is very good! We had it for dinner tonight and three out of my four children ate it all up.!

Meredith Holstrom, Saint Charles, IL

Chicken pasta is a crowd pleaser in my family!

Stacy Kolojay from Streator, IL


I sampled it for the first time at my event this past weekend and everyone said they loved it. It did taste really good, and I am not a big fan of chicken!

Trea Schmidt from Sequin, TX


I have definitely been adding new favorites to my list as I've been trying more and more of our products. I agree that the chicken pasta is Wonderfully different and was a big hit!

Amy Greenlee from Carterville, IL


My hubby had to take a dish to a potluck at work. I made up two of the Chicken Pasta mixes in a big roaster pan. I made a crunchy topping using Chicken In a Biscuit crackers and a bit of cheddar cheese.... Oh my goodness it was a hit, one guy went back for not just seconds, but third and then forth helpings! It was great!!! Will use this again and have been recommending it to my clients!

Sheila Kraklow


Representative’s comments at an arts and craft show:


Rep Name: Amy Campbell
City/State: Akron, OH
Customer Feedback: The Chicken Pasta was a HUGE hit! Everyone loved it!


Rep Name: Tana Solberg
City, State: Bismarck
Customer Comments: Loved the Chicken Pasta - Had great Flavor



Additional Recipes:

The following recipes can be found in our cookbook! 

These recipes were donated by customers and distributors all over the United States, and each of these recipes uses the Chicken Pasta. 


Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Casserole


I put 4 oz of sour cream into the chicken pasta mix to make it creamier and it was a hit.  Everyone loved it

Leslie Balsamo from Port Neches, TX

Gift Ideas Using This Mix:


Attach a note stating, “Have a “Pasta-tively” day or holiday or birthday, etc.”