Nutrition Facts


Serving Size:  1 cup, prepared

Servings Per Container: 10


Amount Per Serving:

            Dry Mix

Calories:         94

Total Fat:          0  g

     Saturated Fat:            0  g

Polyunsaturated Fat       0  g

Monounsaturated Fat     0  g

Cholesterol:      0  mg

Sodium:                       524 mg

Potassium          8  mg

Total Carbohydrate:  20  g

     Dietary Fiber:          2   g

     Sugars:        <1  g

Protein:           4   g




I had a stovetop of TGC Bayou Soup last night, and my son wanted some before it was even ready! The wonderful aroma of the soup got his attention! We ate this soup as a side to our dinner of potatoes, chicken breast, and peas, and I didn't put any meat in it so it was fairly light.

Robin Pottorff from Marysville, PA


If you haven't sampled the Bayou Soup, you are missing out on sales! It's not spicy, but if someone wants it spicy, they can add a can of Rotel.

Deb Templeton from Michie, TN


I loved it! Instead of regular beef, I used a vegetarian was formed in meatballs and it was delicious with this soup! I will be making this again in the future

Kimberly Sweeney from Murrieta, CA


Oh my goodness! This soup is awesome. My mother made it last week and sent the leftovers to our house ... it was amazing. I will be ordering some and soon.

Dena Thompson from Channelview, TX


Representative’s comments at an arts and craft show:


Full Name: Deb Templeton
City, State: Michie, TN
Customer Comments: I bought from you last year and loved everything! Glad your back! OMG - this soup is delicious!